Foundation Giving 2015-2016

When you support Miracles from Maggie, you are directly supporting the five main components of our gifting program: direct support to families; sustained support of a therapeutic riding program; support to the Children's Hospital Fund; direct contribution to pediatric cancer research; funding for Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Here are highlights from three of these components:

  • Since the October 2015 5K event, we have provided monetary gifts to six children and their families: Patrick, Quade, Meghan, Tracy, Addison and Avery. Miracles from Maggie also continued our support of Alex's Lemonade Stand and St. Baldrick's Foundation to target pediatric cancer research, specifically Ewing's Sarcoma.
  • Our most significant efforts this year are the expanded support to the Supportive and Palliative Care Department at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Carol May, who spoke at the 5K, leads this amazing department. This extraordinary team of nurses and doctors befriended Maggie and our family on our journey and lovingly helped us navigate tough decisions. We are excited to announce that a Miracles from Maggie fund has been established within the greater Children's Hospital Fund. Donations made to CHF can list Miracles from Maggie in the memo line. This fund will continue to help the Supportive and Palliative Care Department.
  • Miracles from Maggie has three new initiatives with the Supportive Care Department. The first is a memory gift program. Families can capture their child's handprint with a sibling's on a framed canvas, a treasured keepsake. Our second initiative is a "Parent to Parent" program wherein bereaved parents connect and offer support to another family facing end of life care.
  • Our last initiative is the start up of a new program called Puppy Liza. Children on the oncology floor are invited to receive monthly letters from a dog's point of view. Puppy Liza was created by Johny DeRose, a former colleague and friend from Valley School of Ligonier. Children can engage their minds in reading while encouraging their imaginations. Maggie and I spent countless hours during her long illness revisiting children's books, finding it a good way to escape to a happier place.

Thanks for your generosity. The foundation is making small miracles happen every day and working hard to make big miracles happen in the days to come.  Together, we can make a difference in a child's life.


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